Sometimes, shipping carriers are not very gentle with our boxes. If you encounter damaged items within your box, you may request a refund or replacement for those items, and possibly the entire box. Please contact us within ten days of the date you received your box by sending an email and pictures to

UrthBox is a snack discovery service. We strive to carefully curate each type of box, considering the health and lifestyle goals of our members as well as universal taste. However, individual health/lifestyle needs and tastes vary from person to person. Thus, we cannot guarantee that every snack will meet your specific requirements. Since nearly all of our products are perishable snacks, foods, and beverages, except in the case of damaged items, we are unable to accept returns, issue refunds, or exchange any of the items or boxes that we ship.

Customer satisfaction is important to us, so please feel free to contact us at with any questions or concerns.